I finally realized.

How God uses every specific person/situation/detail for His glory. & how He plans it just right. Over the weekend I went camping with my family, & they’re not saved. Actually, they usually mock my faith, but this weekend, they didn’t (thank God). On friday afternoon, while my cousins (the adults) were napping or out biking, I had the pleasure of doing my Daily Bread devotion with two of my nieces, one 11 & the other 7. The devotion was about love as a commitment in marriage, but i was able to relate it to a commitment to our friends, like when we promise them we’ll never leave them. & after, we discussed the text (found in Genesis about Adam & Eve) & i prayed for them. My older niece got a nosebleed & had to leave before i closed in prayer, but i still prayed for her & my younger niece. It felt good to be able to share my faith openly with my family with no judgment or mocking. My older niece came back out soon after & said her nosebleed was gone. My younger niece said something like “We prayed for you Ate(h) (Tagalog for ‘older sister’) & I think God healed you !” Haha, it was so sweet seeing their innocent hearts & it was nice to plant seeds in them, though they’re so young. & honestly, i know that God has something great planned for their lives. I can feel it. There’s just something about their innocent & open-minded hearts that makes me believe that God is gonna do something great for them. I don’t know what or when, but i know He will. I believe it by faith. & even for one of my cousins in the Philippines, God is working in him too. He used to live here in America but moved there for nursing school, & since then I’ve seen God work in him through facebook. You see, before moving countries, he was like all my other cousins, mocking my faith, laughing at me for being Christian & all that. But since he’s moved, something’s changed in him. He’s posting verses on facebook & using some Bible app & no one, NO ONE in my family is like that or into that stuff. Shoot, my family thinks that putting up Bible verses means you’re trying to be a preacher ! But really, it’s not like that. So i know that God is slowly, but surely moving in my family, which gives me all the more reason to believe that they WILL be saved & that my vision of them coming to church will come true ! Woo, sorry for the long post but that was just a vent. Praise God for using people to plant seeds & for His perfect timing.